Ginger Original Masala Cardamom Vanilla Saffron Variety Pack
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About Our Chai

Seattle-based Jaipur Avenue™ offers chai enthusiasts a perfect way to enjoy authentic Indian chai tea any time, anywhere, and take their palate on a delicious journey to India.

Our line of all-natural chai tea consists of premium black tea combined with a delicate blend of exotic spices, minimal sugar, and rBGH-free dry milk powder (from grass-fed cows). This specially formulated mix is carefully packaged under stringent quality control in an ISO 22000 certified facility in Mumbai, India.

Our chai tea is so easy to prepare. No matter where you are - on vacation, at work or just chilling out at home on a rainy day - each individually-packed serving can be turned into an authentic cup of chai in an instant. Just add hot water for a traditional cup of heartwarming chai, or chilled milk and ice cubes for a cool, refreshing summer beverage.

Jaipur Avenue™ chai tea mixes are available in five delectable flavors - Original Masala, Cardamom, Ginger, Vanilla, and Saffron - each with a unique flavor profile that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with savories and desserts.